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Attorneys at Kline Legal Group, P.L.C., understand the complexities of commercial and residential real estate laws. We represent businesses and individuals in real estate litigation involving construction, sales and financing, contract disputes and construction liens. By representing clients involved in all aspects of buying, selling and construction, we have the knowledge and insights to successfully resolve your real estate litigation.

Minimizing The Adverse Effects Of Construction Liens, Construction Bonds And Other Construction Litigation

Delays, design deficiency and negative reactions from the real estate owner can all lead to construction lawsuits. When your project is being held up by a lawsuit, we can help get the project moving again. We work to make sure that everyone honors their contracts and completes their work.

When a construction lien is placed on your property, it can stop construction and may lead to foreclosure. There are ways to deal with construction liens beyond going to court. By using arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, our attorneys can help you resolve construction liens and get your construction project moving forward again.

Guiding Buyers And Sellers Through Commercial And Residential Real Estate Transactions

When you buy a property, the number of the pages you sign at closing can be staggering. If a mistake is made in even one of these documents, it can cost you time and money.

Our real estate team has experience processing both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We represent buyers, sellers, renters and clients leasing property across the state.  

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