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Financial Support After A Marriage

When a marriage ends, there are numerous issues to address. Often the most contentious are financial issues, especially those involving property division and support. Spousal support issues require an experienced attorney to fully analyze factors such as past conduct of the parties, length of the marriage, ability to work, source of property, age of parties, needs and health of the parties, and living standards before divorce. At the Ann Arbor law offices of Kline Legal Group, P.L.C., our family law and divorce lawyers work with clients to protect their interests and rights.

With more than 21 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Kline Legal Group, P.L.C., have successfully assisted Michigan clients resolve divorce disputes. Contact our law offices to discuss your questions and concerns.

Protect Your Financial Rights And Interests

Often in divorce, one party will seek spousal support, also known as alimony. This monthly payment would be in addition to the property received in the equitable distribution of marital property. Though this seems a straightforward proposal, frequently there are complicating factors.

One of the most complex elements that needs to be considered in determining spousal support is ownership of a business. Courts will often value a business using valuation experts and require the business owner to pay their spouse for one-half of the business’ current value. However, when a spouse attempts to collect spousal support from the total income stream generated by the business in the future, after already receiving a business value buyout in the divorce, it is considered as “double dip” by some courts. It takes a skilled and experienced litigation attorney to fully analyze this potential double-dipping issue in order to make the most appropriate and logical argument before the Court.

When working with complex assets such as business holdings, we collaborate with a team of professionals including financial experts and CPAs to determine the business value of tangible and intangible assets, to divide property equitably and to preserve the rights of those seeking or objecting to spousal support.

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As divorce lawyers, we understand the concerns of spouses when addressing property division and spousal support. We also believe in protecting the rights and assets of our clients. From obtaining a fair settlement for recipients of spousal support to preventing double dipping into the assets of the paying spouse, we possess the experience and skill required to work in your best interests. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.