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Business Valuation And Property Division, And How We Help

Property division is always a complex part of a divorce. Many times, the parties are challenged to find a property settlement they can agree on. When a professional practice is part of the property at stake, it is all the more important to have a skilled attorney with business valuation experience.

With more than 21 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Kline Legal Group, P.L.C., have successfully assisted Michigan clients in resolving divorce disputes, including division of business property. Contact our law offices to discuss your questions and concerns.

Preserve Your Right To Safeguard Business Assets

There are several different methods for determining the value of a business. In all of them, however, there are common factors that include determining a fair market value for the services provided by the business owner. For the equitable distribution of property during a divorce, the number calculated for the business valuation is subject to division between the spouses.

Double Dipping

One concern of spouses who are primary owners of a business and have to pay spousal support is “double dipping.” In some cases, a nonowner spouse who received a share of the business may also attempt to collect alimony from the income generated from the other spouse’s share of the business. It takes a skilled and experienced litigation attorney to fully analyze this potential double-dipping issue in order to make the most appropriate and logical argument before the court.

At Kline Legal Group, P.L.C., we understand how much is a stake when valuing a business and establishing spousal support amounts. We work with financial professionals to assess assets and liabilities, tangibles and intangibles. Whether you have an interest in a family business or you are the primary owner and operator, our attorneys are prepared to represent your best interests.

For more information on this issue see the published Court of Appeals opinion on a case that Mr. Kline recently argued successfully on appeal.

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As the legal team at Kline Legal Group, P.L.C., we know the concerns that surround issues of property division and business valuation. We work to protect the rights and assets of our clients. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.

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