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Increase in SUVs may be responsible for rise in pedestrian deaths

Even though there has been a concerted effort to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths in Michigan and elsewhere, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has only continued to rise. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a study showing that since 2009, pedestrian deaths have increased by 46 percent.

There has been a variety of possible causes attributed the increase in fatal pedestrian accidents. For example, smartphones and even the legalization of marijuana in many different parts of the country have been blamed. An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study, however, found that the number of pedestrian deaths that involved an SUV rose 81 percent from 2009 to 2016. In 2014, SUVs became the most common cause of pedestrian death, surpassing sedans.

How divorce affects the financial futures of women

When it comes to post-marriage financial issues, women who are 50 or older are more likely to be affected. Divorce and widowhood often leave older women in Michigan particularly vulnerable on the financial front.

According to a report released by UBS Global Wealth Management, 56 percent of women who are married allow their husbands to make the major decisions regarding financial planning and investments. Just over 60 percent of millennial women also adhere to the traditional roles of the previous generation by not taking part in the decision-making regarding investment.

Some states are more likely to have distracted drivers

Michigan drivers are more likely to be distracted behind the wheel by their mobile phones than motorists in other states. However, they are certainly not the worst. That dubious honor goes to Mississippi drivers. This is according to data released by Everdrive, an app that tracks drivers' habits while operating their vehicles.

Dangerous drivers can be found throughout the country. While some of the most distracted drivers are in southern states, motorists in the northeast are more likely to speed or brake hard before stopping. All of these driving behaviors could pose a risk to people on the roads and lead to dangerous and devastating car accidents.

3 strategies for pedestrian safety

While walking around may seem like no big deal, it may actually be dangerous at times. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll, jogging, walking your dog or going for a quick errand, you should always be alert. If a motor vehicle hits you while walking, you are likely to sustain severe or deadly injuries.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 5,376 pedestrians died in 2015. But walking is often convenient, good for your health and beneficial for the environment. Here are some guidelines you should adhere to as a pedestrian to avoid a car striking you.

Entrepreneurs and divorce

For entrepreneurs in Michigan, their business may be the most valuable asset they own. If they are getting a divorce, it can also be one of the assets that may be subject to division. It is important that entrepreneurs, whether they are sole proprietors or co-own a business with a future ex-spouse, are aware of the true value of their company.

In addition to knowing the current value of the business, being aware of its potential for growth and any debts or liabilities it has is also important. This information should be gathered before any divorce negotiations begin.

Daydreaming the top cause of distracted driving deaths

Michigan readers may be surprised to learn that daydreaming is the top cause of fatal distracted driving accidents in the United States, according to a new data analysis report. Erie Insurance issued the report.

Researchers combed through the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, a nationwide database that tracks the number and causes of all car crashes that occur across the U.S. each year. They found that 172,000 people died in traffic accidents over the last five years, and 10 percent of those deaths were linked to distracted driving. Sixty-one percent of the distracted driving deaths involved at least one driver who was daydreaming, bored or lost in thought. In comparison, just 14 percent of the distracted driving deaths were blamed on texting, making a phone call or other cell phone distractions.

The impact of human behavior on autonomous vehicle safety

Michigan residents who are interested in autonomous driving technology should be aware that many self-driving vehicles are programmed to utilize human driving behaviors. A noted computer professor, who conducts research that pertains to the designs of cyber-physical systems, states that problem is that humans do not drive perfectly. Therefore, the autonomous vehicles are executing the same imperfect methods.

According to the professor, the autonomous vehicle industry wants to create a human-like driving experience and ensure safety. Because human driving is the standard, however, the autonomous vehicles are not safe. The professor says that autonomous vehicles should only be allowed to travel at speeds at which they are able to come to a complete stop within their range of vision. This is so that the vehicles can stop immediately if there is an unexpected obstruction in their view.

Asset division can be key to a secure financial future

The financial issues involved in a divorce can often be the most complicated and contentious aspects of the end of a marriage, for couples of all income levels. Outweighing the personal and emotional fallout of a split, the financial effects of divorce can linger on for years after the marriage has come to an end. When couples make the decision to split, taking steps to protect one's assets and prepare for the financial future are essential to planning for post-divorce life.

Understanding the true size of the marital property to be dealt with during asset division in the divorce can be critical to advocating for a fair settlement, especially in a complex or high-asset divorce. To this end, keeping thorough records of bank accounts, investment funds and valuables can be key in correctly valuing assets and determining the proper division. This is especially true for retirement accounts and pension plans, which can often be the largest single asset at stake in any divorce. Clear records of the various retirement accounts in the names of both partners can be critical financial documentation.

Remember these assets when dividing property in a divorce

One of the most complex parts of divorce is determining and dividing marital property, especially when you have many high-value assets. Couples commonly argue over the house, business, financial accounts and collections

While these may be the most obvious and important things to fight for, avoid overlooking other valuable assets. They can be the source of long-term financial gain or tools for negotiating property division during your divorce.

The main factors in highway fatalities

Accidents on the highways of Michigan and elsewhere in the U.S. often result in death. To decrease the risk of fatal accidents, drivers should understand what the main factors are in such crashes. They should, first of all, make sure to wear their seatbelts and check their airbag system now and then as taking these measures could save their lives.

Drivers should also be aware that human negligence is behind almost every crash. Distractions like smartphones, infotainment systems, radios and passengers in the vehicle can cause drivers to take their attention off the road. Even eating and putting on makeup can be considered distracting actions. Other individuals will make irrational decisions when fired up by road rage while some people may let drowsiness overtake them.

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