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Child custody options beyond the standard

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2020 | child custody |

You probably know at least one divorced couple who are raising children together. Now that you are going through a divorce yourself, you may be wondering if you will be assigned the same child custody and parenting time arrangement your friends have.

Actually, the primary requirement for child custody orders in Michigan is that they meet the best interests of the children. Beyond that, you and your ex are limited only by what is workable for the two of you. While many co-parents have sole physical custody with one parent (reserving parenting time for the other parent), others share custody.

Many families find they thrive with unusual child custody arrangements, such as:

Bird nesting

In this arrangement, the child lives in one home full-time. Their parents shuffle in and out of the home according to when it is their turn to be with the child. This makes things more stable for the child, though bird nesting also requires a lot of flexibility on the parents’ part.

Three-day ‘weekend’ visits

It is common for parenting time visits to last the weekend. But some parents arrange for the noncustodial parent to have parenting time through Monday evening instead of Sunday. This gives the noncustodial parent more time with the child, and give the custodial parent a little more time off from being the sole caregiver.

Midweek visits

Similarly, the noncustodial parent can have short parenting time visits during the week. For example, they could pick up the child from school on Wednesdays and have dinner with them. This shortens the length of time between weekend visits. And because they are not overnight visits, they require less packing and other disruptions.

Finding out what custody arrangement is right for your family

Your children are unique. They deserve a child custody plan that is tailored to their lives, personalities and needs. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you figure out what that plan should look like, and negotiate a solution with your ex.