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Why it’s important your divorce attorney knows the local court system

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | high asset divorce |

When you are going through a divorce, you have a lot of important concerns on your mind. If you’re a parent, one of the top ones will be how the divorce will impact you and your children – emotionally and financially. If you’ve taken time off from your career to raise your children, you may worry about how much child support you’ll receive, how child custody will work and if you’ll get the assets you deserve in your divorce.
One advantage of working with an experienced Ann Arbor-based divorce attorney is that your attorney will know the local court system. Here are the ways that can benefit you so that you’ll receive the divorce settlement you need to move forward:

• Your attorney will understand Michigan divorce laws and local procedural rules.
• Your attorney will have handled divorce cases similar to yours and be able to give you an idea of what assets you may receive and how child support works in Michigan.
• Your attorney also will have worked closely with local judges, earning their respect, and understand how they rule on child support, property division and even spousal support in high-asset divorces.
• Your attorney will have worked with other local divorce lawyers and understand how they approach cases.
• You can easily meet with your attorney at their local office, saving you time and allowing you to get your questions answered when you need to.

Going through a divorce can become complicated, frustrating and feel overwhelming. Having a strong advocate on your side is important. Having an attorney advocate who knows the local court system can help your divorce resolve smoothly and most effectively.