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The NHTSA and drugged driving

Michigan motorists who are concerned about road safety may be interested in an upcoming summit being held by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency is taking strides to address the increase in motor vehicle accidents caused by drugged driving. Handling the issue has become particularly urgent with the widespread use of opioids in the country and the increasing number of states legalizing marijuana.

3 tips for safe cycling on campus

Going to college means frequently traveling between classrooms, dorms, recreational facilities, offices and performance spaces. Congested streets and limited parking are also common. With all of these circumstances, one of the most convenient ways to make it around campus is by bicycle. 

Divorce can mean splitting a business partnership as well

Divorce can always be a difficult time for Michigan couples. It can become even more complicated when both spouses are part of the same company especially when they are the owners. When married couples own a business together, a divorce can have an array of consequences not only for each partner but for the future of the business itself.

Time limits for reporting vehicle accidents

Whether or not they are at fault, Michigan residents who are involved in a motor vehicle accident should be aware of what steps they should take afterwards and how soon they should take them. It is particularly important that they are aware of the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.

How drivers can look out for pedestrian safety

It can be difficult for drivers to see a pedestrian crossing the street. In some cases, pedestrians don't anticipate a driver running a red light or notice a car coming because of distractions. However, there are steps drivers and pedestrians can take to make Michigan roads safer. For instance, drivers should slow down when they are in parks, school zones or other areas where kids might be present.

What to do in a road rage incident

While drivers in Michigan have the ability to control themselves during road rage incidents, they don't control the actions of others. However, it may be possible to take steps to either deescalate the situation or avoid it entirely. For instance, drivers should avoid honking the horn or making gestures toward other drivers if they are cut off. Doing so could only make a potentially angry person angrier.

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