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3 tips for safe cycling on campus

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2018 | blog |

Going to college means frequently traveling between classrooms, dorms, recreational facilities, offices and performance spaces. Congested streets and limited parking are also common. With all of these circumstances, one of the most convenient ways to make it around campus is by bicycle.

But while cycling from class to class is convenient, it comes with its fair share of risks, particularly motorists who do not notice you or give you the right of way. So, how can you avoid getting in a cycling collision when you are simply trying to get an education? The following tips will help you improve your safety.

1. Wear a helmet

You may think you are skillful enough or too cool to wear a helmet, but it is necessary. A helmet may save your life in the event of a crash. It may also reduce your chances of sustaining a concussion or traumatic brain injury. If you wear a helmet with a bright color or reflective properties, it will also make you more visible.

2. Use lights in the dark

If you ride your bike after a night class or even an early morning class, drivers are less likely to notice you. According to the University of Southern Mississippi, you should equip your bicycle with a white headlight at the very least. If you want to be even safer, you should add a rear reflector, taillight and reflective tape.

3. Pay attention

Although you may be a good bicyclist and have your campus commute memorized, you should always be alert. Keep yourself free from distractions. That means refusing to wear headphones, talk on your phone or eat a quick snack.

While cycling on a busy college campus amidst many other students, bicyclists and drivers, you may find yourself in unpredictable situations. Never let your guard down and always do whatever you can to increase your safety. Use these tips to make sure you are a safe cyclist.