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Substantial financial troubles may allow change in support amount

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Firm News |

Considering the rising cost of living expenses, it is not unusual for Michigan residents to find themselves struggling with debts, high taxes and rent or mortgage payments. When juggling a family’s needs and making ends meet becomes a substantial financial burden, some may find relief by requesting a modification of support order.

Regardless of how much an individual currently pays or receives under a child support order, a request to change the amount may help during a period of extreme hardship. As noted by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, if a job loss is the reason for sudden financial troubles, the person requesting the modification must provide proof of income such as W-2s. While the circumstances may only be temporary, an alteration assists in planning for any changes required to meet a family’s budgeting needs.

Common reasons for modification requests

Another reason that an individual may file for a modification of a support order is a sudden increase in child care expenses. When growing family needs require parents to work longer hours, it may be necessary for a household to seek and hire child-rearing assistance.

A request to increase financial support for a nanny, after-school daycare or other educational programs may constitute a valid request for a modification. When a child needs new and unexpected medical treatment or rehabilitation from an injury, a modification may also help in providing the funds for the additional expenses.

Medical expenses increasing for many individuals

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 12% of all Americans’ medical bills have a major impact on their family. For the past decade, between 25% and 30% of the households surveyed reportedly had problems paying their medical bills.

As the costs of regular health care and medical exams do not appear to be lessening soon, many parents remain obligated to allot a significant portion of their resources to their children’s normal health care needs. Requesting a modification of support to obtain increased funding required for a child’s health insurance is allowable in Michigan and considered a valid request.