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Dangers teens may face on the road

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | car accidents |

High school graduations mean that there will be millions of teenagers on the road in Michigan and throughout the country. It also means that teens may be drinking alcohol or using drugs while celebrating the end of their high school careers. Therefore, it is important for parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of drunk or impaired driving. Teens should also be taught about the potential dangers of driving while distracted or drowsy.

Parents should have this conversation whether or not their children use drugs, drink alcohol or engage in risky behavior behind the wheel. This is because they could be in danger of getting hurt if they are in a vehicle with someone who is drunk or too tired to drive safely. A son or daughter may also unwittingly be a distraction to the person who is driving the vehicle that he or she is riding in.

Teens should be taught that passengers are responsible for changing the radio station, providing directions and answering the phone if it goes off. Being a good passenger is important as teen drivers are four times as likely to get into a crash when a friend is along for the ride with them. Parents should also stress that they can call for a ride if they don’t feel comfortable getting into a vehicle with an impaired driver.

A negligent driver may be liable for the damages incurred by another person who was hurt in an accident. Those damages might include medical bills, lost wages or anything else potentially covered by state law. This may be true whether the victim was a pedestrian, another driver or a passenger in the vehicle that caused the crash. An attorney may be able to use phone records or medical bills as evidence that the elements of negligence were met in a case.