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The most common causes of car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | car accidents |

The most frequently reported factors in auto accidents in Michigan are also common elsewhere in the nation. The following is just a brief summary of those factors. First of all, most accidents are caused by human error with distracted driving being especially prominent. Calling, texting, adjusting the radio, eating, talking with passengers — all of these can take one’s attention from the road.

Another factor is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, even prescription medication. These impair judgment and slow reaction times. Furthermore, drivers with medical conditions could cause crashes after a stroke, heart attack or other medical episode. Falling asleep at the wheel could also be considered a medical episode.

Those who are unfamiliar with local roadways are more likely to become negligent. Ignorance of a different state’s traffic rules can lead to accidents, too. For example, states differ on whether drivers can make right turns at red lights.

Many accidents also arise because of improper vehicle maintenance, the signs of which can include bald tires, broken tie rods and bad brakes. However, some cars may have a malfunction because the automakers incorporated a defective part.

Drivers may get in accidents amid dense fog or heavy rain. Nonetheless, bad weather does not free drivers from blame, at least in single-car insurance claims. Motorists should also beware of getting into accidents when animals suddenly cross the road.

When car accidents result in injuries, there may be good grounds for a personal injury claim. Even if a victim was partially to blame, they will likely not be barred from obtaining compensation. A lawyer could help the injured victim negotiate for a fair settlement with the at-fault party’s auto insurance company.