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GPS, dashboard gadgets continue to distract drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | car accidents |

A recent study conducted for AAA regarding infotainment systems shows that modern vehicles could have added distractions for drivers. Participants in the study, who were aged 21 to 36, were asked to engage in various activities like calling, texting and programming navigation while driving. The results should make many drivers in Michigan think hard about the distractions that they allow in their vehicles.

It was discovered that GPS use and texting distracted drivers for more than 40 seconds — a startling number considering how taking one’s eyes off the road for 2 seconds can double the risk of a car crash. Even using voice commands and listening to the radio were found to be distracting at some level. When distracted, the participants failed to halt at stop signs, swerved out of lanes and traveled at speeds far below the posted limit.

None of the infotainment systems demanded a low level of attention. Seven demanded a moderate level, 11 a high level and 12 a very high level. Researchers state that the problem with these systems is how they have so many features that are irrelevant to driving, such as features for texting, updating social media and even finger painting. Another issue is that some in-vehicle technology is never fully tested and may come with designs that are too complicated.

Someone who gets into a car accident caused by a distracted driver may want to see if they can file a personal injury claim. A successful claim could cover medical expenses, vehicle damage, missed wages and other applicable losses. Once they reach maximum medical improvement, the victim can ask for a case evaluation from a lawyer. If retained, the lawyer could build up the claim with evidence gathered by investigators, negotiate for a settlement and litigate as a last resort.