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Organizations release advice for winter driving

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2018 | car accidents |

Winter driving in Michigan means sometimes icy and snowy roads, reduced visibility and cold. It can also mean a greater risk of accidents, as hazardous weather conditions make it harder to drive safely. The National Safety Council has released recommendations for drivers to carry certain items in their vehicles if they’re going to be driving in winter weather.

Specifically, the NSC recommends drivers have a spare tire, properly inflated, along with a jack to raise the car and a tire iron. It also recommends drivers have a shovel, tow chains, tire chains, a toolkit, a flashlight, extra flashlight batteries, a compass, a first aid kit, windshield cleaning liquid, an ice scraper, a snow brush, matches, scissors, string or cord, blankets, gloves or mittens, warm socks and a hat. When a vehicle skids or slides off the road or gets stuck in winter weather, these items can be of significant use to the driver.

To help drivers avoid such situations, AAA has released some tips for winter driving. Drivers shouldn’t mix radial tires with other kinds of tires, according to AAA, nor should they engage their cruise control during winter driving conditions. Among the other tips offered by AAA are to accelerate and decelerate more slowing, increase following distance, avoid stopping while driving uphill, keep the gas tank half-full at least and tie a bright cloth to the vehicle’s antenna or hang it out of a rolled-up window to indicate distress.

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