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Teen driver safety

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | car accidents |

Car accidents are a major cause of injuries and death in Michigan and around the country. Teen drivers pose a greater risk on the road than more experienced ones because they have not had as much practice controlling a vehicle in different situations. A program called Tire Rack Street Survival aims to teach drivers how to maintain control in various driving scenarios.

The program is designed to focus on situations encountered by motorists in the real world which are not covered by driver’s ed courses. A skid pad allows drivers to practice driving on slippery conditions similar to roads covered with ice, snow or rain. Another simulation teaches drivers to get used to how anti-lock brakes feel during emergency stopping.

Drivers are allowed to practice on the course in their own cars so that they understand the limitations of their vehicles in various situations. Teens who want to enroll in the program must have at least 25 hours of previous driving experience. Instructors emphasize that it is meant to supplement traditional driver’s ed classes rather than be a substitute for them.

Car accidents often cause serious injuries. When a negligent driver causes a crash that injures a passenger or the occupants of another vehicle, the driver may be held liable for the resulting damages. An attorney may be able to help car accident victims file a claim for compensation and gather evidence to prove liability. Distracted driving has become a major cause of car accidents. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to the risks of texting and driving despite the enactment of laws in most states that prohibit the practice. An attorney could obtain cellphone records to prove that the driver was not focusing on the road when the accident occurred.