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Coldwater City Council seeks to improve pedestrian safety

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | auto-pedestrian accidents |

Coldwater City Council has asked for a meeting with the Michigan Department of Transportation to discuss safety improvements for local pedestrians. The request comes after inquiries by the City Manager regarding the installation of a pedestrian bridge to replace an old bridge on the west area of town.

Coldwater’s city manager is seeking approval to replace the U.S. 12 bridge, which was removed in April because it was deemed unsafe for pedestrians. The road leading up to the bridge had been narrowed by MDOT to just one lane. This allowed for a wider lane for pedestrians.

The city had requested MDOT to install a sidewalk with temporary barriers similar to an improvement on the north side of town. Due to speeds in the area, MDOT is not willing to make temporary changes. The costs of a new pedestrian bridge are expected to range from $190,000 to $240,000. Due to expected costs, it would take at least a year before the city would be able to install the bridge. MDOT is not currently planning to make any temporary changes.

Unfortunately, auto-pedestrian accidents are a major cause of traffic fatalities. Pedestrians are likely to sustain broken bones and head injuries even after low-speed crashes. Furthermore, deadly accidents are even more likely to occur if public safety structures are old and falling apart. An attorney might be able to help a pedestrian victim file a claim for compensation against a negligent driver and any other liable parties. Depending on the circumstances, a claim could cover damages related to medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages.