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Vehicle deaths at highest rate since 2007

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2018 | car accidents |

There were approximately 40,100 motor vehicle fatalities throughout the United States in 2017. This was the second straight year in which there were more than 40,000 such deaths in the country. The 2017 estimated fatality figure was 8 percent higher than it was in 2015, and vehicle fatalities are at their highest since 2007. Part of the reason for the increase is more vehicles on roads in Michigan and across the country.

According to the data compiled by the National Safety Council, the number of miles Americans drove in 2017 increased 1 percent from 2016. In addition to the 40,100 deaths, there were another 4.57 million people who were seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. It is estimated that car accidents and the resulting injuries cost $413.8 billion. Preliminary data for 2017 suggests that the number of deaths per mile driven was 1.25 per 100 million miles traveled.

That was a decrease of 2 percent from 2016. The number of deaths per 100,000 people was pegged at 12.28 per 100,000 people, which was also a decrease of 2 percent from the previous year. In addition to deaths that took place on public and private roadways, those reported in parking lots and driveways were also included in the data. The figures used were taken from the National Center for Health Statistics.

If a person is hurt by a negligent driver, that driver may be liable for any damages the injured victim incurs. Those damages may include medical bills, lost wages or lost future earnings. They may also include the cost of replacing damaged property or refurbishing a home or van to accommodate a victim’s injuries. An attorney may help an individual obtain compensation for actual and other types of damages that may be available.