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3 tips for getting the best settlement in your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Firm News |

There are many complex components to a divorce. Of course, there is the emotional aspect of accepting the changes in your life. There is also a practical aspect to planning for those changes. One of the biggest parts of a divorce, though, is the financial aspect—you need to be able to afford the impending changes. Negotiating a settlement in your divorce is the best way to ensure your financial stability and security.

How do you ensure that the settlement is a favorable one, though? Divorce can easily destabilize your finances, and you need to ensure that yours remain intact. Here are three top tips to ensure that you get the best settlement possible out of your divorce:

1. Know what to expect

One of the most important weapons to keep in your arsenal during a divorce is that of knowledge. If you want to get a good settlement in your divorce, it is essential that you understand what to expect. You should familiarize yourself with the laws governing settlements in Georgia, and you can do this by consulting with an attorney on the matter.

2. Try to negotiate

According to the American Bar Association, mediation can be beneficial in many divorce cases. It can be particularly helpful for divorcing couples who are attempting to negotiate a settlement. If you are able to reach agreeable terms through mediation, this is great, but it is often necessary to proceed to court if the offer is unsatisfactory.

3. Advocate for yourself

Above all else, you should remember to always advocate for yourself. This may mean that you petition for alimony or child support. It might mean that you fight for the assets you wish to retain in the divorce. No matter what advocacy looks like to you, it is important that you stay committed to your principles as you seek out a settlement in your divorce.