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Steps for financial protection in divorce

People in Michigan who are getting a divorce might need to protect themselves financially during this vulnerable time. Despite the overwhelming emotions of the moment, it is important for spouses to take steps toward protecting their short and long-term financial health.

Potential problems with retirement accounts in DIY divorce

In Michigan and around the country, some couples who have made the decision to divorce forego legal counsel and try to handle much of the settlement of financial assets on their own, including the daunting task of dividing property and accounts. Retirement accounts and pension plans can be difficult to allocate without a properly executed legal agreement and can result in one or both parties owing significantly more in taxes than they should.

Shorter days may mean more wildlife-related accidents

Michigan motorists should know that they are at a higher risk for wildlife-related accidents in the autumn. Autumn happens to be, among other things, the peak mating season for deer, and bears are also lurking around for the calories they need before hibernation. From dusk to dawn, wildlife is increasingly on the move.

Safety guidelines for driverless cars on hold

A bill approved by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation in early October has given the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a decade in which to write permanent safety regulations for self-driving cars. Michigan motorists should know that it could be years before they see such vehicles on the roads. The NHTSA has stated in a report, which it will make public by the end of November, that it requires more input from organizations regarding the type of research it should conduct.

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