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“I Was Just Reaching to Pick Up My Phone!”

On Behalf of | May 11, 2014 | Firm News |

Why do so many negligent drivers give the excuse that they “were just reaching over to pick up their cell phone” after they have caused a tragic accident? Do negligent drivers feel this is a more acceptable or less blame-worthy response to give the Police than I was sending a text message or trying to make a call?

This week 21 year-old Chelsey Northrup was tragically killed when a negligent driver crossed the center-line while allegedly “reaching for his phone” on Parker Road near the intersection with Scio Church Road in Washtenaw County. Additionally, this week a negligent driver allegedly “reaching for his phone” crossed the center-line on the dangerous M-14 and Barton Road exit in Ann Arbor and broadsided a car driven by a woman who was 33 weeks pregnant causing her to go into contractions. These unnecessary tragedies should remind us all to put away our phones and seriously re-affirm the promises we make to ourselves and others to END distracted driving.