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Beware of Dangers posed by Numerous Drunk Drivers on Thanksgiving Weekend

Although Thanksgiving weekend is thought of as a special family time, it is statistically the most dangerous holiday weekend due to the high volume of people on the road and 4-day-length of overindulgence that always begins on a Thursday. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's report on motor vehicle deaths, Thanksgiving weekend is number one and July 4th weekend is number two as the most dangerous holidays for drivers. The other long weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day come in fourth and fifth most dangerous. New Years is number six because it often does not not fall on a weekend or near the weekend. 

Bike lanes on the rise on Michigan

"Bicyclists have a right to be on the road." This comes from Josh DeBruyn during a recent interview on Michigan public radio, where the bike and pedestrian coordinator for Michigan Department of Transportation explained the rise in bike lanes. He says that according to state and national laws, bikes are as much a part of the road as motor vehicles.Recent additions to the number of bike lanes in numerous cities across the state, including Detroit and Grand Rapids, have drivers of motor vehicles anxious and angry about bicyclists. It is a two-way road; while bicyclists must follow the same road laws that a car must follow, cars have to allow bicyclists the proper space and attention. DeBruyn says that the two biggest mistakes cars make are not giving enough space when passing a bike and cutting in front of bicyclists. 

Proposed Crosswalk City Advisory Committee

Following the death of Sharita Williams in August who passed away from injuries sustained when she was hit by a car on Plymouth road, the city of Ann Arbor and its residents have raised concerns about the efficacy of crosswalks and their notification systems. Two different Ann Arbor city council members are proposing a City Advisory Committee. The committee would spend six to nine months studying crosswalks, ways to make them safer, and ideas to make vehicles more aware of their existence.A recent article in the Ann Arbor News highlights the current debate about keeping or getting rid of the recent changes to the crosswalk law. Those against the changes argue that the new wording confuses drivers, puts pressure on them, and causes automobile accidents. However; those who are in favor of the change suggest that it ensures the safety of children and people with disabilities.

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