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Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Fully Protect You and Your Family?

Across the country, auto insurance premiums are up 23% over the last five years for the average driver. A 40-year-old-male typically pays between $1,510 to $2,700 per year in premiums. Due to these increased costs you may be thinking of ways to reduce your annual premium costs; however, be careful not to cut corners so much that you fail to protect yourself and/or your family. In regards to policy liability limits, insurance analysts recommend at least $100,000 per person / $300,000 per incident. The state of Michigan only requires drivers to get $20,000 in coverage but this is far too low to protect your assets from a personal injury lawsuit. If your insurance policy limit does not cover all the pain and suffering damages awarded in a lawsuit then Michigan law allows the injured party to collect from your personal assets. 

Crosswalk Safety and Distracted Driving

The recent incident in Ann Arbor, where a University of Michigan student wasstruck by a car while walking in a crosswalk on Plymouth road, has sparked new conversation about pedestrian safety. How much caution do flashing lights provide? Is distracted driving more often than not the cause of fatal accidents?The disastrous accident in which Sharita Williams was killed is a clear reminder of two notable things: that pedestrians must always use caution when crossing streets and that distracted driving should be eliminated at all costs. In the city of Ann Arbor, the crosswalk laws were re-worded two years ago. A press release from the City of Ann Arbor explains that the prior ordinance required "a vehicle to stop for a pedestrian 'approaching or within' a marked crosswalk...." while the new ordinance requires "a vehicle to stop for a pedestrian standing 'at the curb' as well as 'within the crosswalk." In addition, as an article from annarbor.com titled "Number of pedestrian-vehicle crashes up in Ann Arbor since adoption of crosswalk ordinance" states, the city's ordinance requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians standing at the curb, while the state's MichiganTraffic Code requires cars yield to pedestrians. 

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