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Dangerous Stretch of I-94, East of Jackson

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2013 | Firm News |

For years, travelers and others along I-94 in southeastern Michigan have been pushing for construction on the freeway around the intersection of I-94 and Kalmbach road. Going east from Jackson, the freeway makes a hard right, only to immediately turn back. Ideally, it would be straightened out such that the dangerous curve, past Kalmbach road east of Jackson, would be eliminated.

An investigation began in 2004 which concluded that this stretch had the second-highest number of auto accidents in Washtenaw County from 2005-2007. In an article on, 48,5000 cars traveled per day on this section of I-94 near Kalmbach road during the study period. According to the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study, in 2007 there were 87 crashes, in 2006, 57 wrecks, and in 2005, 68.

The state hesitates to fix this section of road because it has limited money to undertake such projects. If there is no identified money that can be used to fix a problem like this, then the state will not initiate a study to determine what needs to be done to realign the section of freeway. If there are no future plans to change this stretch of highway then travelers should use caution and slow down when driving around I-94 east of Jackson, because statistically, this section in southeastern Michigan is one of the most accident-prone.