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MLive Findings Show Helmet Repeal as Deadly

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2012 | Motorcycle Accident |

There was great controversy leading up to the repeal of Michigan’s Helmet Law. Now that it has come, gone, and had time to settle, it is important to look at the affects that the repeal has had on Michigan motorcyclists over the past two months. When it comes to safety, repealing the law did nothing to ensure Michigan’s motorcyclists would be the safest they could be.

MLive Media Group has been conducting analysis since the repeal was put into place last April. Though motorcycle accidents are dangerous regardless of whether or not the rider wears a helmet, MLive Media Group has come up with many findings that show that the repeal has done more to hurt than to help. Below are some of their findings taken from Sunday June 24th’s article in Ann titled “Helmet Repeal Proves Dangerous”:

  • 25% of the 129 helmetless riders in accidents suffered “incapacitating” injuries. That compares to 16% for the 525 who wore helmets
  • Of those who were killed, six were without helmets–or 4.7% of all helmetless riders in accidents. By contrast, eight helmeted riders were killed, 1.5% of all those in accidents.
  • As weather warmed, more helmets came off. The first month after the repeal, 17% of motorcyclists were without helmets. That rose to 22% in the second month.

AAA Spokeswoman Nancy Cain said that “the findings support what appears self-evident — a helmet can in some cases protect riders, or lessen injuries.” Even though it is not against the law to not wear a helmet, it is safer to wear one when riding on a motorcycle. Deciding not to wear a helmet greatly increases the risk of injury and death and riders should think twice when making their decision about whether or not they are going to put on a helmet today.