Michigan attempts to get drunk drivers off the roads

In Washtenaw County, Michigan, law enforcement agencies have taken great measures to cut down on drinking and driving in the area during times when drinking is most prevalent. Drunk driving accidents can result in injuries and even death and are a major concern for residents and law enforcement.

Extra drinking and driving enforcement in Washtenaw County

According to Heritage Newspapers, law enforcement officers increased their efforts during specific enforcement periods, which included days where drinking is at its highest, such as St. Patrick's Day, the NCAA basketball tournament days and spring break times. Although extra enforcement may make an impact, innocent drivers may suffer the consequences of car accidents that follow drunk driving.

In March, The Republic reported a story about a family that was killed in a car accident in southwestern Michigan. After further investigation, the police found that the driver was operating the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. According to the police, the man's BAC was 0.32 percent, which is several times the legal limit. Despite the very serious criminal consequences here, the victims of the crash and their families must be compensated for their injuries. Despite the increased presence of police to stem the tide of drunk driving, these car accidents are still a problem across the state.

Statewide drinking and driving enforcement measures

According to MLive.com, Michigan enacted enforcement similar to Washtenaw County's enforcement. In total, 155 agencies participated in extra drunk driving enforcement during the times where drinking is at its most prevalent.

Michigan had similar enforcement during parts of March and April in 2012. The extra enforcement resulted in increased arrests, particularly during the NCAA basketball tournament. Although this enforcement may have made a small impact, the motorists and pedestrians who are injured due to the negligence of another driver are entitled to personal injury compensation.

Drinking and driving results in injuries to innocent motorists

According to Heritage Newspapers, the Fatality Analysis Reporting System released data showing that deaths involving drugs or alcohol declined from 440 in 2006 to 319 in 2011. Despite the decline, the Washtenaw County sheriff's office stated that 42 percent of all fatal crashes that occurred in Washtenaw County in 2011 involved drivers and passengers who were drinking.

It is still a problem that 42 percent of all fatal crashes in the county can be attributed to drinking, especially since there are likely innocent victims impacted.

Someone who has been injured by a drunk driver should consult an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer. A lawyer can navigate complex legal procedures and help fight for maximum compensation.