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The attorneys at the law office of Kline Legal Group P.L.C. understand the emotional and physical damage caused by motor vehicle accidents.

Our compassionate Ann Arbor auto accident attorneys have extensive experience helping crash victims who have suffered tragic and life-changing injuries, and for families that have lost loved ones. In 2012, our firm fought for and won more than $1.5 million in damages for our clients to compensate for their injuries and losses.

Since 2001, our car accident injury claim attorneys have helped hundreds of clients and earned them millions of dollars in compensation.

If you have been injured in a crash, you need legal representation to obtain maximum compensation. Contact the law office of Kline Legal Group P.L.C. for a free initial consultation (free consult only offered for auto accident cases). There is no charge for our services unless we settle or secure a favorable judgment in your case.

John Kline And Elizabeth Kitchen-Troop — Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers

Kline Legal Group P.L.C. is dedicated to repairing the damage done to crash victims and their families. Our approachable lawyers understand that people are unfamiliar with the legal system and may have concerns regarding their ability to communicate effectively with an attorney about an unfamiliar topic. Many of our clients have had no prior experience with the legal system whatsoever. We ensure that each of our clients fully understands the legal processes and knows what to expect going forward.

Kline Legal Group P.L.C. gives its clients all the unique benefits of a small firm where you and your case are given personal attention and priority. Your case will not be shifted to an unfamiliar attorney whom you have never met.

Our Jackson injury lawyers understand that no amount of money can possibly compensate you for your pain and suffering. However, there are expenses that result from the accident. Whether those bills are for medical treatment or funeral and burial charges, you should not have to pay.

Compassionate Guidance From Ypsilanti Car Accidents Attorneys — Staying Up To Date On Changes In Law

In 2011, there were more than 284,000 traffic crashes throughout the state, according to the Michigan State Police criminal justice information center. The report indicates almost half of all fatal wrecks involved the use of alcohol by drunk drivers.

Our state's "super drunk" law includes a category that targets drivers with bodily alcohol content significantly higher than the legal limit. Convicted super drunk drivers face higher fines, a mandatory one-year ignition interlock device and possibly more jail time.

Other recent changes to Michigan law affect whether a bar or restaurant that over-serves an intoxicated person may also be held liable for the injuries or death of a drunk driver's accident victim.

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Our firm also provides skilled representation in divorce and family law matters. As you navigate the overwhelming and emotional process of sorting through family law issues, we support you with knowledgeable legal guidance and solutions for the best possible outcome.