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Litigating accidents caused by a vehicle that failed to brake

Accident investigators in Michigan and around the country sometimes find it difficult to determine what happened in the moments prior to a collision. Distraction, intoxication or drowsiness is often suspected when no evasive action was taken before a crash, but accidents can also be caused by mechanical failure or a defect of some kind. Establishing liability is crucial in lawsuits filed on behalf of car accident victims, and plaintiff's attorneys may review police reports closely before deciding how to proceed when their client was hurt by a vehicle that failed to brake.

Autonomous vehicles may change the type of claims filed

As more autonomous vehicle prototypes take to the roadways, Michigan residents may wonder how the improvements in technology will have an impact on the types of claims and lawsuits that are filed. According to an expert, it is likely that the number of personal injury lawsuits will go down while the rate of product liability claims will increase.

Back child support and Michigan fathers

Two researchers reviewed national data to determine if there was a link between the participation of fathers and delinquent child support. The results of the study indicate that fathers who owe back child support tend to spend less time with their children, are more likely to have children with more than one partner and may work fewer weeks a year.

AAA survey highlights dangerous driving habits

Michigan residents have likely read many news stories either lauding or criticizing the millennial generation, and a study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety on Feb. 15 has added to this discussion by highlighting how frequently today's younger drivers violate motor vehicle laws and place other road users in danger. The organization asked 2,511 drivers about their driving habits, and a worrying 88 percent of those between the ages of 19 and 24 admitted to reckless behavior like speeding, texting while behind the wheel and running red lights.

Report ranks state traffic safety laws

Michigan needs to improve its traffic safety laws, according to a new report from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. The report ranks all 50 states on their implementation of legislation regulating motorcycle helmet and seat belt use, teen driving, distracted and impaired driving and child passenger safety. Rhode Island was ranked the best and South Dakota the worst. Michigan fell in the middle.

2 women killed in 2-car accident

At 4:12 p.m. on Dec. 26, sheriff's deputies in Michigan reported to the scene of a collision that killed two people and injured four. The two-car accident took place in Weesaw Township at the intersection of Warren Woods Road and Cleveland Avenue. According to the initial investigation, the crash occurred after one of the vehicles failed to observe a stop sign.

Whiplash: A Common Injury with Serious Consequences

Everyone who has ever driven a car understands that car accidents are a risk that comes with the hazards of the road; however, many people don't realize that even relatively minor car accidents can wind up causing serious medical injuries. Related medical bills can pile up quickly even for people with health insurance.

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