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Automatic braking makes cars safer, according to study

Michigan residents who have vehicles with automatic braking features may be in less danger of getting into an accident. This is according to a recent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study. It looked at General Motors vehicles of various sizes and styles from 2013 to 2015. The reason researchers chose the 2013 to 2015 time period is because not all vehicles from those years came with the automatic emergency braking system standard.

Nighttime driving can be dangerous

Every year, people in New York associate the fall season with the changing times; Daylight Saving Time comes to an end in November 2018. As time changes reflect shorter winter days, drivers may also experience the dangers that come with fatigue, night vision and rush hour in the dark. Night driving is more dangerous than operating a vehicle at any other time of the day, according to research conducted by the National Safety Council.

Teen driver safety

Car accidents are a major cause of injuries and death in Michigan and around the country. Teen drivers pose a greater risk on the road than more experienced ones because they have not had as much practice controlling a vehicle in different situations. A program called Tire Rack Street Survival aims to teach drivers how to maintain control in various driving scenarios.

Teenage passengers increase risks for teenage drivers

AAA has recommended that teenage drivers in Michigan and across the U.S. go through 100 hours or more of supervised practice driving before they are allowed to drive solo. The recommendation comes after the release of research that indicates teenagers are more dangerous behind the wheel when they are driving with other teen passengers.

Tesla safety report lacks details

According to a Tesla report, drivers in Michigan and around the country who use its Autopilot feature are involved in fewer accidents than the general public. They are also in fewer accidents than those who drive a Tesla vehicle but don't use the Autopilot feature. However, there are few details to back the claim that the company is making. For example, the feature is only meant to be used on freeways or in other limited driving scenarios.

Distracted driving a concern for mobile workers

Many people in Michigan know that distracted driving poses a major threat to the lives of others on the roads. However, with the growth in technological distractions, this type of dangerous driving continues to pose an increased threat. While many people picture teens texting while driving, a significant danger can come from always-connected mobile workers who do business from their cars. According to a study by Motus, accident rates are on the rise among people in this category alongside smartphone ownership and usage.

Advice for driving when its raining outside

Michigan drivers could be at risk of hydroplaning when driving during wet conditions. Typically, the highest risk occurs during the first few minutes of a rain event as oil mixes with water. Those who find themselves to be hydroplaning should stay calm, resist the urge to hit the brake and steer into the slide. Steering into the slide means that the wheel should turn in the same direction as the back of the vehicle.

Interactive, realistic elements could boost teens' driver ed

New research suggests that some Michigan teens could benefit from driver education classes that incorporate visits to intensive care units and morgues. The Texas Reality Education for Drivers program is one example of an education supplement that provides interactive, reality-based instruction for teens with poor driving records. A Baylor University study has shown that this program in particular increases risk awareness and can help improve driving behavior.

With no supervision, licensed teen drivers more prone to crashes

Teen drivers in Michigan may be at a higher risk for car crashes immediately after, rather than before, they obtain their licenses. This is according to a study conducted by the National Institutes for Health and Virginia Tech University, the results of which were published in July. Researchers analyzed 90 teen and 131 parent participants in Virginia, observing both the drivers and the road via dashcams and using special software to record speed and braking times.

Evaluating the risks of driving before hitting the road

Driving or riding in a vehicle is an everyday reality for almost everyone in Michigan, but just because something is routine doesn't mean the risks shouldn't be considered. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thousands of people die in motor vehicle accidents per year in the United States. These accidents are caused by a variety of risk factors, including distracted driving, drowsy driving and intoxicated driving.

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