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3 tips for safe cycling on campus

Going to college means frequently traveling between classrooms, dorms, recreational facilities, offices and performance spaces. Congested streets and limited parking are also common. With all of these circumstances, one of the most convenient ways to make it around campus is by bicycle. 

Why you should avoid a DIY divorce

If you wish to no longer remain in your marriage in Ann Arbor, you may find yourself eyeing a DIY divorce. As simple as it may seem, it is not always the best solution. If keeping your divorce costs down is a concern, you should consider hiring an attorney. DIY divorces may seem cheaper, but if you have special concerns, a lot of assets or other complicated issues involved, you might want to consider other options. 

Getting a divorce? Here are 3 ways to protect your business

Running a business is difficult and so is getting a divorce. When you put the two things together, it can feel like a nightmare. You may be wondering how your company is going to survive this storm. It can be difficult to manage your business during a divorce, but it is possible to get through it and continue thriving. 

What to do if you earn more than your husband and want to divorce

Unfortunately, most women who go through a divorce end up financially worse. Even with property division, spousal support and child support, it may take a long time before these ex-wives get back on their feet financially. However, this scenario is not the only one pertaining to women.

What are some common causes of bicycle and car accidents?

Many bicyclists in the Ann Arbor area assume they are accident proof when riding on the streets. They assume motorists will automatically give them the right away and adjust their driving behaviors to avoid endangering them. Little do they realize that many drivers are not giving the roads their full attention, nor do they keep an eye out for bicyclists. 

Is your spouse hiding assets?

When Michigan couples begin gearing up for divorce, sometimes things get ugly. One unfair tactic some spouses use is hiding assets to avoid having to share them as part of the marital property division.

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