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$15.5 million in bonds to fund street safety in Ann Arbor

The Downtown Development Authority drew upon data from consultants and the Michigan Department of Transportation to create its new street safety improvement plan. On Aug. 9, a unanimous vote of the Ann Arbor City Council authorized $15.5 million in bonds to pay for landscaping and infrastructure improvements to streets, bike lanes, streetlights and crosswalks.

Construction worker killed in hit-and-run accident

The dangers faced by highway repair and maintenance workers in Michigan and around the country were brought into sharp focus on the morning of Aug. 21 when a 26 year-old-woman was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver while installing guard rails on Interstate 90 in Pennsylvania. The 19-year-old man thought by police to have been behind the wheel is being held at the Erie County Prison without bond on charges of homicide by vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and involuntary manslaughter. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Sept. 4.

Increase in pedestrian deaths blamed on distracted driving

Distracted driving is responsible for the sharp increase in pedestrian deaths that has occurred in Michigan and elsewhere over past decade according to traffic safety experts. Cellphones and vehicle infotainment systems appear to be the top culprits.

GHSA reports rise in pedestrian deaths 2016-2017

The Governors Highway Safety Association recently released a new report about pedestrian deaths that may be of interest to Michigan residents. There were 5,984 pedestrian deaths in the U.S. in 2017, according to the report. This is the second year in a row in which the numbers have almost reached 6,000. The GHSA believes that this is not a mere statistical anomaly.

Pedestrian fatalities from vehicle crashes

Almost 6,000 pedestrians in Michigan and the rest of the country were killed in 2017 from motor vehicle crashes. The number of fatalities was similar in 2016. While there is no scientific proof, experts believe that the use of marijuana and smartphones are responsible for the high number of deaths.

Increase in SUVs may be responsible for rise in pedestrian deaths

Even though there has been a concerted effort to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths in Michigan and elsewhere, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has only continued to rise. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a study showing that since 2009, pedestrian deaths have increased by 46 percent.

How drivers can look out for pedestrian safety

It can be difficult for drivers to see a pedestrian crossing the street. In some cases, pedestrians don't anticipate a driver running a red light or notice a car coming because of distractions. However, there are steps drivers and pedestrians can take to make Michigan roads safer. For instance, drivers should slow down when they are in parks, school zones or other areas where kids might be present.

Who is most at risk for auto-pedestrian car accidents

Michigan pedestrians may be interested to learn that, in 2015, there were more than 5,300 pedestrians killed in pedestrian-related car accidents across the U.S. Another 129,000 pedestrians suffered non-fatal injuries after becoming involved in a car accident.

Pedestrian death rate on the rise

Michigan residents might be shocked at the rising number of pedestrian deaths resulting from car accidents. Experts believe that there are many factors that have resulted in a steep rise in pedestrian deaths. However, there are also some things both drivers and pedestrians can do to counter this.

Pedestrians must stay vigilant for traffic threats

Because pedestrians in Michigan and around the country face significant safety challenges, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has published advice to promote safe foot travel. Sidewalks help to keep people out of harm's way, and people should walk on them whenever they are present. In the absence of sidewalks, people need to walk on the side of the road facing traffic and try to stay as far out of the lane as possible.

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