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Texting while driving on the rise

Widespread public health campaigns in Michigan have highlighted the dangers of distracted driving. Many of these efforts have focused on the use of handheld phones, including calling and texting while driving. Similarly to overall trends in communication, fewer drivers are talking on handheld phones while behind the wheel. However, drivers are 57 percent more likely to use their phones for texting, internet browsing or email, even when operating their vehicles.

The risks associated with drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is a danger that drivers in Michigan should do all they can to avert. Sleep deprivation can affect drivers like alcohol intoxication: The National Sleep Foundation says that staying awake for 24 hours is like having a blood alcohol content of .10 whereas one is legally drunk with a .08 BAC.

The City of Ann Arbor releases study about pedestrian safety

Pedestrian safety is key everywhere, but especially in a city like Ann Arbor. There are many walkers and bicyclists, thanks to accessible walkways and bike lanes. There are far too many pedestrian fatalities in cities across the United States. Between 40 and 50 percent of traffic deaths are pedestrians in large cities. 

Avoiding a messy high-net-worth divorce

Not every high-net-worth divorce generates much watercooler talk in Michigan unless this type of split involves the head of one of the biggest online retailers in the world. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years announced plans to end their marriage shortly after the beginning of 2019.

GPS, dashboard gadgets continue to distract drivers

A recent study conducted for AAA regarding infotainment systems shows that modern vehicles could have added distractions for drivers. Participants in the study, who were aged 21 to 36, were asked to engage in various activities like calling, texting and programming navigation while driving. The results should make many drivers in Michigan think hard about the distractions that they allow in their vehicles.

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