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Tips for drivers and pedestrians to prevent accidents

Michigan residents may be interested to learn that there was an increase in pedestrian fatalities in 2016. There were 5,987 reported pedestrian deaths in that year. In order to reduce pedestrian deaths, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides resources including safety tips and educational materials.

3 things you may not know count as distracted driving

With the rise in technology use the past decade, laws are trying to catch up to ensure safety, especially on the road. Distracted driving is an increasingly common cause of motor vehicle accidents. Drivers use their cellphones not only for talking and texting but also for looking up directions and taking photos or videos. 

Nighttime driving can be dangerous

Every year, people in New York associate the fall season with the changing times; Daylight Saving Time comes to an end in November 2018. As time changes reflect shorter winter days, drivers may also experience the dangers that come with fatigue, night vision and rush hour in the dark. Night driving is more dangerous than operating a vehicle at any other time of the day, according to research conducted by the National Safety Council.

Teen driver safety

Car accidents are a major cause of injuries and death in Michigan and around the country. Teen drivers pose a greater risk on the road than more experienced ones because they have not had as much practice controlling a vehicle in different situations. A program called Tire Rack Street Survival aims to teach drivers how to maintain control in various driving scenarios.

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