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Risks for drivers and cyclists in college towns

If you live in a college town such as Ann Arbor, Michigan, then there are particular risks you face as a driver there that people in towns without large universities do not have to deal with. In the same way, college students who use bicycles to get around, and who do a lot of walking to get to where they are going, must be particularly careful when it comes to local traffic.

Distracted driving a concern for mobile workers

Many people in Michigan know that distracted driving poses a major threat to the lives of others on the roads. However, with the growth in technological distractions, this type of dangerous driving continues to pose an increased threat. While many people picture teens texting while driving, a significant danger can come from always-connected mobile workers who do business from their cars. According to a study by Motus, accident rates are on the rise among people in this category alongside smartphone ownership and usage.

Advice for driving when its raining outside

Michigan drivers could be at risk of hydroplaning when driving during wet conditions. Typically, the highest risk occurs during the first few minutes of a rain event as oil mixes with water. Those who find themselves to be hydroplaning should stay calm, resist the urge to hit the brake and steer into the slide. Steering into the slide means that the wheel should turn in the same direction as the back of the vehicle.

Interactive, realistic elements could boost teens' driver ed

New research suggests that some Michigan teens could benefit from driver education classes that incorporate visits to intensive care units and morgues. The Texas Reality Education for Drivers program is one example of an education supplement that provides interactive, reality-based instruction for teens with poor driving records. A Baylor University study has shown that this program in particular increases risk awareness and can help improve driving behavior.

$15.5 million in bonds to fund street safety in Ann Arbor

The Downtown Development Authority drew upon data from consultants and the Michigan Department of Transportation to create its new street safety improvement plan. On Aug. 9, a unanimous vote of the Ann Arbor City Council authorized $15.5 million in bonds to pay for landscaping and infrastructure improvements to streets, bike lanes, streetlights and crosswalks.

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