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Reducing distractions on the road with new devices

Several companies have developed technologies that could reduce smartphone-related distractions behind the wheel. Of course, their success all depends on whether individual motorists choose to use them or not. Drivers in Michigan may be interested in two of the most recent devices out there.

The first, which is still in its pilot phase, is called Groove. Developed by the Colorado-based company Katasi, it plugs into any car and can link the driver's phone to its service provider through a cloud platform. The service provider will know when the user is driving and can block all communications, incoming and outgoing, on that phone. Its features are more comprehensive than the various free apps offered by providers like Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

A second device, called Drive ID and produced by the Louisiana-based company Cellcontrol, can also block messages and access to social media and video games. What makes it unique, however, is that once it is enabled inside the car, it will create a separate zone for the driver's phone. Passengers will therefore not be affected.

Unfortunately, these and other devices are not being widely marketed. Nevertheless, it appears that the demand for such technology is high. In a National Safety Council survey of 2,400 drivers across America, 55 percent said they would keep such devices if their vehicles came pre-set with them.

When distracted driving contributes to car accidents, the victims may have the grounds for filing third-party insurance claims. If successful, such a claim could cover medical bills, vehicle repair costs, lost wages and more. Legal assistance is important, however, since accident attorneys usually have a network of experts who can gather the necessary proof of negligence.

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