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How safe is it to bike on and around campus?

Many people think that if they wear a helmet and stick to bike lanes, they are safe from the risks that might otherwise impact bicyclists. On the contrary, biking is dangerous even when you take all of the necessary safety precautions. Areas such as college campuses are often have reputations as havens for bicyclists, but how safe is it really to bike in Ann Arbor, even when you are on or around campus? 

There are a number of risk factors that campus bicyclists should be aware of. If you are injured while biking, seek medical treatment as soon as possible and research your legal options. In the meantime, consider the following the next time you are riding your bike. 

Crossing busy streets

Riding on the sidewalks and lanes on campus may be safe enough, but bicyclists must brave the surrounding busy streets and intense traffic in order to travel anywhere that is not immediately on campus. This can be tricky, and when bikes and cars share the road, it can be downright dangerous. Some student bicyclists have been injured in accidents on busy roads near campus.

Biking through parking lots

Even when you bike exclusively on campus, there are a number of risk factors that you may be susceptible to. Consider how many parking lots are on campus and how frequently you must bike past cars. You would think that stationary cars pose little risk, but drivers often back out and fail to see bicyclists behind them.

Using bike lanes

Whether you are on or off campus, you may use bike lanes to ride safely to your destination. These lanes often make biking safer, but they do not protect you completely from the risks of the road. Drivers and other perils can still cause accidents and injuries. It is best to be very cautious while biking, regardless of where you bike.

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