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Journalists defend coverage of semi-autonomous car crashes

For people in Michigan and across the country, developments in automobile technology have sparked a great deal of interest and curiosity. In particular, autonomous vehicles that allow the car to drive itself with little to no input from a human driver have received a large amount of media attention. This has included car accidents involving semi-autonomous vehicles, which have been highlighted nationally even when they have involved minor injuries. Some supporters of the autonomous vehicle industry argue that this media attention is disproportionate, especially in comparison to the coverage of traditional crashes involving human-driven cars.

Pedestrian fatalities from vehicle crashes

Almost 6,000 pedestrians in Michigan and the rest of the country were killed in 2017 from motor vehicle crashes. The number of fatalities was similar in 2016. While there is no scientific proof, experts believe that the use of marijuana and smartphones are responsible for the high number of deaths.

Increase in SUVs may be responsible for rise in pedestrian deaths

Even though there has been a concerted effort to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths in Michigan and elsewhere, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has only continued to rise. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a study showing that since 2009, pedestrian deaths have increased by 46 percent.

Some states are more likely to have distracted drivers

Michigan drivers are more likely to be distracted behind the wheel by their mobile phones than motorists in other states. However, they are certainly not the worst. That dubious honor goes to Mississippi drivers. This is according to data released by Everdrive, an app that tracks drivers' habits while operating their vehicles.

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