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The main factors in highway fatalities

Accidents on the highways of Michigan and elsewhere in the U.S. often result in death. To decrease the risk of fatal accidents, drivers should understand what the main factors are in such crashes. They should, first of all, make sure to wear their seatbelts and check their airbag system now and then as taking these measures could save their lives.

Drivers should also be aware that human negligence is behind almost every crash. Distractions like smartphones, infotainment systems, radios and passengers in the vehicle can cause drivers to take their attention off the road. Even eating and putting on makeup can be considered distracting actions. Other individuals will make irrational decisions when fired up by road rage while some people may let drowsiness overtake them.

Drivers can also commit serious offenses, such as getting behind the wheel when they are intoxicated. Both legal and illegal drugs contribute to many accidents, and even a moderate amount of alcohol is known to impair a person's driving abilities. In extreme amounts, it can impair judgment, slow reaction times and cause double vision.

Drivers also may not exercise adequate caution when confronted with tight corners, narrow shoulders, blind intersections and other inevitable quirks in road design. They may also become reckless in rainy or snowy weather, eventually losing control on the wet roads.

When someone dies in a car accident, his or her family will want to know if their loved one was at fault. If the other driver was the negligent party, then the family could consider filing a wrongful death suit with legal assistance. Accident attorneys can usually hire investigators, photographers and other experts to bring together the needed evidence. The team could even reconstruct the accident itself. Lawyers can then proceed to negotiations with the other driver's auto insurance carrier, litigating if they refuse to pay out. A successful suit could cover funeral and burial expenses, loss of support and more.

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