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The main factors in highway fatalities

Accidents on the highways of Michigan and elsewhere in the U.S. often result in death. To decrease the risk of fatal accidents, drivers should understand what the main factors are in such crashes. They should, first of all, make sure to wear their seatbelts and check their airbag system now and then as taking these measures could save their lives.

High-value retirement plans can be a major divorce issue

Michigan couples going through divorce should use due diligence when dividing retirement accounts. As the fruit of a lifetime of work, these accounts are often the largest assets held as marital property. Both parties may be reliant on these funds for their financial health and future. This is one reason why 62 percent of divorce attorneys surveyed in a 2016 study rated retirement funds as the most contentious issue faced by their clients.

How people may be injured in a car crash

Michigan residents and others who are involved in an auto accident may sustain a variety of injuries. Common injuries include brain trauma and whiplash. Neck and back pain might also be felt in the aftermath of a car crash. The types of injuries that a person experience depends on where the vehicle was struck, and how severe a person's injuries are depend partially on the speed at which it was hit.

Protect yourself from post-divorce tax mistakes

Michigan residents filing for divorce are likely cognizant of the emotional challenges that divorce places on the separating couple, as well as their family. They likely are aware of the financial challenges that come from separating property, separating bank accounts, and the like. One area that they may overlook is the challenge associated with taxes. They may be surprised that some of these tax implications may persist for years after the divorce has been finalized.

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