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What to do in a road rage incident

While drivers in Michigan have the ability to control themselves during road rage incidents, they don't control the actions of others. However, it may be possible to take steps to either deescalate the situation or avoid it entirely. For instance, drivers should avoid honking the horn or making gestures toward other drivers if they are cut off. Doing so could only make a potentially angry person angrier.

It may also not be a good idea to slow down or speed up when another driver attempts to pass. This may cut off a passing lane and make an impatient person more likely to lose his or her cool. Ideally, drivers will put on their turn signal and move over as soon as they can. Taking this step may be especially important if the angry drivers are honking their horn or flashing their lights.

When confronted by a driver acting like a bully, it may be best to remain calm and avoid eye contact with that person. This may prevent the other driver from feeling challenged and escalate the conflict further. If possible, it may be a good idea for drivers to put some distance between themselves and other vehicles as this may allow a person to get out of a challenging encounter.

An aggressive driver may be seen as negligent if his or her actions cause an accident. Examples of aggressive driving may include following too closely or changing lanes when it may not be safe to do so. Police reports, witness statements and driver statements may also be used as evidence establishing that a driver was negligent in causing an accident to occur. Compensation may be available to help pay for medical expenses as well as to recover lost wages.

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