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Pedestrian death rate on the rise

Michigan residents might be shocked at the rising number of pedestrian deaths resulting from car accidents. Experts believe that there are many factors that have resulted in a steep rise in pedestrian deaths. However, there are also some things both drivers and pedestrians can do to counter this.

According to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, about 6,000 pedestrians were killed in auto-pedestrian accidents in 2016. This was an increase of 22 percent over two years. There are many factors that have resulted in this increase, including distracted driving from talking on cellphones, texting and more. Road design and speed limit, poor visibility due to parked cars obstructing the driver's view and traffic congestion are all also contributing factors.

Individual pedestrians and drivers can, however, help to counter this rise. Pedestrians can wear bright colored clothing to aid in visibility even during the day. They can also use crosswalks instead of crossing in the middle of the road and walk on the sidewalks as much as possible. Watching out for approaching vehicles and avoiding getting into the road between parked cars might also be helpful.

For their part, drivers should not use devices that might distract them from driving. They should also yield to pedestrians who are crossing the road and remain aware of people walking on the sidewalk who might suddenly attempt to cross the road. In residential areas, they should maintain lower speeds and generally follow the speed limit and other traffic signs.

Pedestrians who are injured in these types of accidents might consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. A lawyer could represent the victim in court if necessary.

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