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Pedestrian death rate on the rise

Michigan residents might be shocked at the rising number of pedestrian deaths resulting from car accidents. Experts believe that there are many factors that have resulted in a steep rise in pedestrian deaths. However, there are also some things both drivers and pedestrians can do to counter this.

Drivers think they're better than others at texting while driving

More than 90 percent of drivers believe distracted driving should be illegal, according to the findings of an online study conducted during August 2017. Respondents were insured drivers at or over the age of 18 from Michigan and across the U.S. Approximately one-third of those who responded indicated confidence in their own abilities to text and drive. More than 60 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 said they were confident they could safely text and drive. Only 6 percent of drivers aged 55 years or old said the same.

Daytime headlight use decreases car accidents

Although laws do not require drivers in Michigan to turn their headlights on during the day, the simple act heightens vehicle visibility and reduces crashes. A variety of studies have examined the effects of headlight use on clear days and found that the strategy lowered accidents by as much as 10 percent.

Tips for dividing IRAs in divorce

Michigan residents may know that an IRA can be split in a divorce. However, it is important to split such an asset properly to avoid paying income taxes. First, the withdrawal must be made pursuant to a divorce decree. Therefore, money should not be taken out of an IRA before the divorce is official, even if there is an informal agreement between the parties to divide proceeds within it.

What are some common causes of bicycle and car accidents?

Many bicyclists in the Ann Arbor area assume they are accident proof when riding on the streets. They assume motorists will automatically give them the right away and adjust their driving behaviors to avoid endangering them. Little do they realize that many drivers are not giving the roads their full attention, nor do they keep an eye out for bicyclists. 

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