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Study shows collision avoidance systems prevent accidents

Michigan drivers whose vehicles include a collision avoidance system may be safer than those whose vehicles do not. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2015, vehicles that had these warning systems had a rate of single-vehicle head-on and sideswipe crashes that was 11 percent lower than in vehicles that did not have this feature. Furthermore, for injury crashes of the same type, the injury rate was cut by 21 percent in vehicles that had this technology.

More hurdles ahead for autonomous vehicles

Some Michigan motorists may be eager to see autonomous vehicles become a reality. With almost 100 people on average lose their lives in traffic accidents around the country and human error as the cause of around 94 percent of those crashes, it is predicted that autonomous cars will be safer. One Morgan Stanley analyst said all vehicles would be fully autonomous within 20 years while Ford, Nissan, Toyota and other manufacturers predicted autonomous vehicles would be the market by the decade's end. However, the adoption of autonomous vehicles this may take longer than many industry experts have predicted.

Divorce and Thrift Savings Plans

Federal employees in Michigan who expect to go through a divorce may benefit from learning how their Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP, may be allocated. There are no existing federal statutes that require a former spouse to automatically receive the funds in a TSP account. In order for a former spouse to receive any part of those funds, the couple will have to agree to the division of the funds, or the judge will determine how much is awarded.

Tips about finances during a divorce

In addition to the emotional challenges of a divorce, Michigan estranged couples might also face financial challenges. However, there are steps that can be taken to prepare financially. On average a divorce costs about $20,000, but this does not take into account the costs in the years ahead.

Is your spouse hiding assets?

When Michigan couples begin gearing up for divorce, sometimes things get ugly. One unfair tactic some spouses use is hiding assets to avoid having to share them as part of the marital property division.

Device may help prevent drowsy driving

Although driving while fatigued is not as widely recognized as a danger as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is, it is believed to be responsible for up to 6,000 deadly car accidents nationwide each year. However, Michigan motorists may be able to purchase a device that shocks drivers who are dozing off behind the wheel and prevents these accidents from happening.

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