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Drivers must start seeing motorcycles again

Yesterday’s warm spring day is taste of things to come as Old Man Winter is ushered away. For motorcycle riders, these chance warm days are highly anticipated, but the reality is that there are still a number of chilly days (especially mornings) that lie ahead before summer comes.

More motorcycles will appear on Michigan roads as the weather gets better. As this occurs, there is something to the old adage “start seeing motorcycles.” So drivers essentially have to re-learn how to share the road. The good news is that many drivers will take heed and act responsibly. The bad news is that all it takes is one driver to be irresponsible to change a motorcycle rider’s life forever.

 With that, riders should focus on a few tried and true measures to keep themselves safe. 

Stay out of blind spots – Yes, drivers have a terrible and tragic history of not seeing motorcycles, but riders can reduce the possibility of being involved in an accident by staying out of a driver’s blind spot. The more you are seen, the less likely you will be hit.

Beware of early morning rides – As we alluded to earlier, the weather is getting better, but cold mornings may still bring black ice in some places as morning moisture may freeze on certain shaded areas. So riders must be wary of treacherous conditions and maybe delay their ride until later in the day.

Don’t drink and ride – The public service announcements imploring drivers to not drink and drive, riders must resist the urge to indulge in alcohol before getting on their bikes.

If you are a motorcycle rider and have been injured in an accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can advise you. 

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