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Car accidents can also cause mental health injuries

Auto accidents are among one of the most frequent causes of injury in Michigan and across the United States. The injuries caused by car accidents include visible damage, including broken bones and head wounds. However, auto accidents can also cause emotional and mental health injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Filing a lawsuit after a tailgating accident

Drivers in Michigan and around the country are expected to remain a safe distance behind the vehicles in front of them, and they may face both civil and criminal sanctions when collisions are caused by tailgating. While criminal charges are unlikely to be filed in connection with this kind of crash unless road users were injured or killed, the traffic citations commonly handed out to tailgating drivers may be used to establish liability in car accident lawsuits.

Using a QDRO in a divorce

Michigan couples who are getting a divorce might need to divide a retirement account. This process usually requires something known as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. The QDRO is a complex financial document that should not be rushed through. People might want to hire a certified divorce financial analyst to walk them through the document and their choices to make sure they are getting a fair deal.

Drivers must start seeing motorcycles again

Yesterday’s warm spring day is taste of things to come as Old Man Winter is ushered away. For motorcycle riders, these chance warm days are highly anticipated, but the reality is that there are still a number of chilly days (especially mornings) that lie ahead before summer comes.

What can you do if a loved one unexpectedly dies?

No one expects tragedy to strike them. Perhaps a loved one suddenly passed away after a car accident, for example. The emotional pain you are experiencing is likely unbearable and you may be unable to focus on anything else right now, but you do have the option of pursuing a wrongful death suit.

Pedestrian fatalities spike in 2016

For 2016, about 6,000 pedestrians died around the country. Besides lower gas prices, a healthy economy and more people walking outside for exercise, observers believe that distracted driving may be the leading reason behind these deaths, which spiked about 11 percent from the prior year. According to data from the Governors Highway Safety Association, there has not been this many pedestrian fatalities since the 1990s. The spike may be due to both drivers and pedestrians in Michigan and elsewhere paying more attention to their smartphones and other wireless electronic devices.

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