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Mixed news on Ann Arbor car-bike crashes

It is perhaps counterintuitive, but the statistics are nevertheless clear: though bicycle-car crashes are dropping in Ann Arbor, the collisions that do occur are increasingly deadly. The city had two fatal bicycle-car accidents last year, plus another in 2014. Washtenaw County also had a pair of fatal crashes last year.

Across the state, there were a total of 33 bicyclist fatalities; an increase of 57 percent in just one year. It was the highest toll in 18 years, according to a recent study by a local publication.

Ann Arbor has been given "bike-friendly" and "safe" ratings over the years, but clearly improvements can be made. Think of this: Washtenaw County's death toll was second highest in the state.

Two of the fatalities were here in Ann Arbor, one was in Ypsilanti and one in Augusta Township. The county had 77 car-bicycle collisions last year, with Ann Arbor accounting for 46 of them. Of that city total, 36 involved injuries, MLive.com said.

Ypsilanti was the scene of 7 car-bike collisions and Ypsilanti Township was the site of 6 others.

The county total is an improvement from recent years. In 2011, there were 94 bike-car crashes, while 2012 saw 95. The highest recent total was in 2013, when there were 98 collisions of motor vehicles and bicycles.

Ann Arbor had 59 such crashes 2011, another 64 in 2012, and 63 in 2013 and 53 in 2014.

Most of last year's crashes were on dry, clear days, MLive.com reports.

It is obvious from the report that bicyclists, drivers and lawmakers will all need to contribute to making roads safer.

When a bicycle accident is caused by a distracted, speeding, intoxicated or otherwise reckless driver, injury victims can pursue full and fair compensation with the help of an Ann Arbor attorney experienced in personal injury litigation.

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