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Proper and Legal Speed Depends Upon Conditions- You Can Be Found Careless or Negligent Even If You are Driving at Posted Speed Limits

Michigan Law, MCL 257.627(1) and 257.626(2), require that drivers always consider both the weather conditions and road conditions when choosing what speed to drive. The law requires that you remain in control of you car at all times and be able to stop your car within a reasonable distance. Some people mistakenly believe that as long as they are at the speed limit, or under, they will not be ticketed or found to be negligent or careless in their driving. Michigan drivers must always maintain control of their vehicles depending on road conditions. 

Many drivers on gravel roads over-estimate the safe speed to travel and may think that by traveling the speed limit they will be safe and avoid getting ticketed; however, if the gravel road is rutted due to water run off or full of pot-holes, then drivers are required to slow down so they can always remain in control. The same principle of always remaining in control and being able to stop in a reasonable distance also applies to paved roads. If there is fog, ice, slush, snow, or potholes present, then traveling at the posted 70 m.p.h. on freeways will not assure that you are following the letter of the law. Michigan drivers face many challenges with our winter weather that includes many freezing and thawing cycles during just a few hours. With the approaching winter weather, Michigan drivers need to avoid becoming too over-confident in their winter driving abilities and slow down for our unique Michigan winter weather systems. If you are seriously injured in Michigan due to the negligence of another driver losing control of his / her car, then you should call an attorney to make sure that you preserve all the evidence and all of your rights to fully recover your damages. 

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