You will have no regrets

Posted by S. Sood, 4 months ago.

Without Mr. Kline's representation, my life would have continued to be a nightmare. He put a stop to the injustice and got me results. He was worth every penny. He was professional, fair, approachable, hard working, and highly competent. He took the time to read/analyze the evidence I provided and apply what was useful strategically when the time was right. During my trial, I felt so armed because Mr. Kline knew the law inside and out and could rattle off precedent court cases to the judge with ease to make his points. He also had good rapport with the judges. Mr. Kline was always forward thinking and included language in the legal documents to protect me from things I never imagined. I very much felt I was represented by someone who truly had my best interest in mind. For all of the above reasons, I strongly recommend Mr. Kline.

John K. Kline restored my Faith in the system!!!!

Posted by Bev, 4 months ago.

John K. Kline is a terrific lawyer and although I have worked with other "good" lawyers, I specifically hired him to represent me in court for an evidentiary trial hearing. When I first met John I told him I was looking for a "Bulldog" and his response was not what I expected. John told me, "I would not describe myself as a "Bulldog", but I can tell you that I am a competitive person and I do not like to lose". I learned quickly, after working with John that I would rather have a "competitive" lawyer, who is composed, knowledgeable about the law and who is an extremely persuasive speaker in the courtroom.

In my case, John had all of these attributes. John prepared tirelessly and diligently for court and one of his main strengths is that he has a gift to persuade others with his knowledge of the case and the law. John blew me away in court because he conducted himself in a way, which won the respect of his peers and the judge in the courtroom. John has the innate ability to cross examine in a tough manner, but still remain the more likable attorney. I believe his success as a lawyer is tied to his charismatic, competitive and compassionate personality.

John was easy to work with and he was straight with me on how important it was to display me in the best possible light to the courts. John did a great job preparing me for court and for cross examination. Cross examination terrified me, however John was excellent at building my self-confidence and I really felt prepared for the battle I was facing. In my trial, ironically, John was up against a "Bulldog" type lawyer and I truly believe my case was won by John's courtroom style, his ability to make the tough decisions on who would testify in my case, how he would go about cross examining the other side and most importantly how he would weaken the defendants case which was strong against me.

After working with several lawyers prior to John K. Kline, I have the experience to not only recommend Mr. Kline; I can also say that without his help I would have lost my case.