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Four Wheels Move the Body Two Wheels Move the Soul

Many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the feeling of freedom they feel when riding, and they take extra precautions because they are aware of their increased risk of injury if they are involved in a crash. Unfortunately, extra care does not always protect them from accidents.

In 2009, more than three thousand motorcycle riders and their passengers were injured in crashes, according to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (MOHSP). Despite Michigan's helmet law; many of the motorcyclists involved in accidents suffer traumatic brain injuries.

The attorneys at the Law Office of the Kline Legal Group understand the emotional and physical pain and suffering caused by motorcycle accidents. We have won many personal injury cases involving negligence, wrongful death and other charges filed against the at-fault parties.

We have a skilled medical consultant in-house, and we hire investigators and/or industry experts only when necessary. This approach ensures we can achieve the best possible outcome for your case, while eliminating excessive legal fees.

For more than 15 years, our Ann Arbor motorcycle accidents attorneys have helped thousands of clients throughout Michigan and earned millions of dollars in compensation.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a crash, you need legal representation to obtain maximum compensation. Contact the Law Office of Kline Legal Group for a initial consultation. There is no charge for our services unless we settle your case.

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Our compassionate lawyers have extensive experience helping motorcycle crash victims and families of lost loved ones who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to these tragic, life-changing accidents.

We have a reputation for assertive negotiation and aggressive litigation to obtain maximum compensation for our injured clients and their families.

Our compassionate team of legal professionals will assist you, while our lawyers fight for you.