Ann Arbor Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

In 2009, more than one third of Michigan's fatal motor vehicle crashes were alcohol-related, according to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.

The MOHSP 2009 report also indicated there were almost six thousand injuries from crashes related to drinking.

Are You a Michigan DUI Victim?

Regardless of whether you were riding with or struck by a drunk driver, you should be compensated fully and fairly for the injuries you suffered.

Sometimes, a drunk driver declares bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid compensating the victims they have injured. Whenever this happens, our attorneys know the actions that are immediately necessary to prevent discharge of that debt.

Our experienced attorneys know how to defeat attempts to stop or evade responsibility to compensate you for your accident injuries.

Personal injury cases involving a drunk driver can be complex, and there may be specific rules that apply to your claim. You should promptly seek representation by an experienced attorney.

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The Kline Legal Group Detroit Dram Shop Law Attorneys Have a Successful Track Record

The Dram Shop law allows injured victims of drunk drivers to sue the establishment, and/or person who last served the drunk driver who inflicted their injuries.

This option can be the injured person's only recourse if the drunk driver is uninsured, and an experienced attorney can be the key to successful settlement.

There are specific requirements for lawyers applying Dram Shop laws, such as:

  • Adherence to the mandatory litigation time frame
  • Correct identification of the establishment/server at fault
  • Proof that the drunk driver meets the visible intoxication standard

Dram Shop actions do not apply in cases involving drunk drivers who were over-served at a private party, company event, etc.

In these situations, our Ann Arbor Drunk Driver Accidents Attorneys use social host liability as the basis for their personal injury or wrongful death case.

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We have a reputation for assertive negotiation and aggressive litigation to obtain maximum compensation for our injured clients and their families.

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