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Michigan Construction Lien Attorneys

Has a construction lien been placed on your property? At the Ann Arbor law offices of Kline Legal Group, P.L.C., our experienced construction law lawyers represent homeowners, small businesses, and subcontractors in construction lien matters including financing issues, negotiations, contract arbitrations, and forced foreclosure proceedings.

At Kline Legal Group , our attorneys understand how complicated construction lien cases can be. A lien can affect a homeowner's ability to refinance a construction loan and it can lead to a forced sale of the home. If you have any questions regarding construction liens, contact an attorney at our law offices immediately.

Michigan Construction Lien Act (CLA)

The Michigan Construction Lien Act (CLA) allows those who make improvements to a property, including subcontractors and contractors, to place a lien on the improved property that secures payment. If payment is not received the lien holder can pursue a foreclosure lawsuit. If successful, the lien holder can force the sale of the property to satisfy their claim against the property.

Helping clients resolve construction lien issues

At Kline Legal Group, our lawyers understand how important it is to resolve lien disputes efficiently and effectively. From financing concerns to foreclosure, a lien on your home can result in serious consequences. Owning a home is an important part of the American dream and we tirelessly protect our clients' rights as homeowners. We understand how important it is to resolve disputes quickly.

Alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation, can sometimes lead to positive resolutions in days or weeks as opposed to a year or more of traditional litigation. While we understand how important it is to resolve disputes quickly we also won't recommend a settlement that isn't in your best interests.

Contact an Ann Arbor Construction Lien Attorney

We understand how important owning a home is and we fight to protect our clients' interests. If you have questions regarding a lien on your property, contact our construction lien attorneys and contract arbitration lawyers at the law offices of Kline Legal Group.

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