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Time limits for reporting vehicle accidents

Whether or not they are at fault, Michigan residents who are involved in a motor vehicle accident should be aware of what steps they should take afterwards and how soon they should take them. It is particularly important that they are aware of the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.

What to do in a road rage incident

While drivers in Michigan have the ability to control themselves during road rage incidents, they don't control the actions of others. However, it may be possible to take steps to either deescalate the situation or avoid it entirely. For instance, drivers should avoid honking the horn or making gestures toward other drivers if they are cut off. Doing so could only make a potentially angry person angrier.

Study finds roundabouts reduce fatalities

Replacing intersections in Michigan and around the country with roundabouts would greatly reduce accident fatalities but also lead to a surge in minor crashes according to a study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Researchers looked at how building roundabouts affected road safety at 144 intersections in that state, and they discovered that fatal crashes fell by 86 percent while property damage-only accidents increased by as much as 200 percent.

Shorter days may mean more wildlife-related accidents

Michigan motorists should know that they are at a higher risk for wildlife-related accidents in the autumn. Autumn happens to be, among other things, the peak mating season for deer, and bears are also lurking around for the calories they need before hibernation. From dusk to dawn, wildlife is increasingly on the move.

Safety guidelines for driverless cars on hold

A bill approved by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation in early October has given the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a decade in which to write permanent safety regulations for self-driving cars. Michigan motorists should know that it could be years before they see such vehicles on the roads. The NHTSA has stated in a report, which it will make public by the end of November, that it requires more input from organizations regarding the type of research it should conduct.

How working at night may make driving more dangerous

Those who work night shifts in Michigan may be at a higher risk of getting into an accident even if they drive home during the day. According to a study done by Brigham and Women's Hospital, this may be because their work patterns interrupt their wake-sleep cycle. It may also cause them to sleep less at night, which may result in drowsiness.

Analysis of fatal accidents reveals risks of older vehicles

A research paper from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified vehicle age as a contributing factor in death rates from car accidents in Michigan and throughout the U.S. According to the study, a driver in a car that is at least 18 years old has a 71 percent higher chance of dying in a wreck than someone driving a vehicle that is new or under three years of age.

Drivers think they're better than others at texting while driving

More than 90 percent of drivers believe distracted driving should be illegal, according to the findings of an online study conducted during August 2017. Respondents were insured drivers at or over the age of 18 from Michigan and across the U.S. Approximately one-third of those who responded indicated confidence in their own abilities to text and drive. More than 60 percent of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 said they were confident they could safely text and drive. Only 6 percent of drivers aged 55 years or old said the same.

Daytime headlight use decreases car accidents

Although laws do not require drivers in Michigan to turn their headlights on during the day, the simple act heightens vehicle visibility and reduces crashes. A variety of studies have examined the effects of headlight use on clear days and found that the strategy lowered accidents by as much as 10 percent.

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